Louis Vuitton Bags Replica Review – LV Neverfull GM Damier Ebene

My Take on The Louis Vuitton Neverfull Replica Bag

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Hello ladies, I’m Maurielle and welcome to my review on one of the fake Louis Vuitton bags that I’ve recently bought – the Louis Vuitton Neverfull replica.

Firstly, if you’re new to my blog then I’ll suggest you to check out my guide on how to find high quality Louis Vuitton replicas. It will teach you everything you need to be able to find a replica that looks and feels the same as an authentic LV.

Secondly, what you need to know is that the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Damier Ebene used to be totally standard, basic bags without any compartments. A recent update to this bag included a pouch in all of the LV Neverfull tote bags. I couldn’t be more thrilled about this.

I mean, if you’re going to drop a solid $1,400 on an authentic high-end bag, why wouldn’t you want it to be a little more convenient? Honestly, as much as I love LV and high-end bags in general, it was tough for me to justify spending that much money on a tote bag that had absolutely no organizational storage. The extra pouch at least helps justify the price a little, right? Right? Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s my opinion.

That’s why today I want to talk about the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM replica, one of the many Louis Vuitton bags replica that I’ve bought. It is also one of the many replica LV bags that I have which I consider as a ‘super replica’.

If you’re wondering what a ‘super replica’ is, it means that it is not worth buying the authentic model as the replica model is so good and identical to the authentic one and it just doesn’t make any sense to pay more for the authentic model.

Are you excited now? Continue reading to understand why I consider it as a ‘super replica’!

Louis Vuitton Bags Replica Quality

louis vuitton bags replica
The Damier Ebene Neverfull replica I got from Luxurytastic vs my authentic Neverfull Monogram canvas on the right.

So, first things first, let’s talk about the actual quality of the fake cheap Louis Vuitton bag I got from Luxurytastic Replicas.

I’m not over-exaggerating when I grant this awesome Neverfull GM Damier Ebene replica a solid 10/10 score on quality. Why do I give a 10/10 for quality?

  1. The craftmanship is good and it is so well-made. I have an authentic Neverfull in monogram canvas, and it the craftmanship is identical to my authentic one.
  2. It is made of real canvas that feels and looks the same as the genuine Damier Ebene canvas.
  3. It’s sturdy. It doesn’t flip or flop over and it stands all on its own like an authentic Neverfull totally would.
  4. The stitching is perfect. There’s no weird or wonky stitching anywhere on the bag.
  5. I can’t seem to find any glue or glue residue anywhere on this replica bag.
  6. No chemical smell like how bad quality replicas normally smell (a welcomed relief, trust me.)
  7. I’ve used this bag for the past one month, and there seems to be no signs of tear or wear.

I checked it over and over for loose threads, even on the handles, and I can’t find a single missed or loose stitch. When I opened the package that I received, I was (thankfully) not greeted with a chemical, factory smell whatsoever.

I load this bag up all the time (think more than cosmetics, I’m talking a heavy laptop, my lunch, a water bottle, and so much more). And you know what? There’s still no sign of rips or tears. It still stands up on its own. The actual structure of the bag remains so sound! It’s been more than a whole month and there hasn’t been even the slightest dip in the quality of the bag.

How Identical is This Fake Louis Vuitton Bag with The Authentic?

louis vuitton replica bags
Side comparison of the fake Neverfull from Luxurytastic Replicas on the left vs my authentic on the right.

Now, let’s compare this fake Louis Vuitton bag to the authentic Neverfull to get a better idea about it’s accuracy.

I’m going to give this bag a very fair, very honest 9/10 for it’s accuracy.

Why? Because this Louis Vuitton bag replica is literally everything I thought it would be and everything I wanted it to be.

  1. I checked out the VU’s immediately upon receiving the bag as this is one of the easy tell for a fake LV, and I’m glad that the VU’s are not touching each other.
  2. The alignment on this Neverfull replica is flawless, especially when directly compared to the authentic. I’m serious. It lines up absolutely perfectly.
  3. The side alignment of the bag matches perfectly on both sides.
  4. The LV squares are in the correct spots just like any other Damier Ebene canvas.
  5. The ‘bulbs’ of the straps are perfectly positioned, and the cinch straps are at the same spots as the authentic. Seriously, no one would be able to tell this replica is a fake cheap Louis Vuitton bag from looking at it’s exterior.
  6. The red interior color of this Neverfull replica, is about as accurate as possible compared to the authentic.
  7. The canvas on this replica doesn’t have an insane sheen, but the authentic Damier Ebene canvas doesn’t really have much of a sheen, either.
fake louis vuitton bags
The interior zipper is the only flaw of this LV fake bag I bought from Luxurytastic.

I can’t give it a 10/10 for it’s accuracy because, as you know, it’s not authentic and because it does contain one minor, a you’d-never-notice-it flaw – the zipper on the interior pocket is slightly shorter than the authentic. If you compare it side-by-side with the original one and scrutinize it for awhile, you’d notice that the zipper on the real Neverfull reaches closer to the side of the pocket than the replica.

Seriously, that’s the only flaw I can spot, and it’s not something that will bother me. Who’s going to notice something inside the bag? No one. Not even me. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I wasn’t scrutinizing it while comparing it side-by-side with the authentic Neverfull that I have.  And you know what? It took me awhile to notice this flaw.

Satisfaction with This Replica Louis Vuitton Bag

lv neverfull gm damier ebene
How the LV knockoff bag from Luxurytastic Replicas looks like without natural sunlight shining on it directly.

My overall satisfaction with this replica is an easy 10/10.  Can you blame me? I paid like only ¼ of the price of the real Neverfull and the only flaw that I can spot is the interior zipper.

Seriously, buying this replica is a no-brainer. Paying $1000 lesser than the authentic, and getting something almost 100% identical, how can I not be satisfied?

Yeah, to say that I’m thrilled with this knock-off is a total understatement.

Why The Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Works For Me

best fake lv bag I got from china
The interior of the LV Neverfull GM I purchased from LuxuryTastic Replicas.

All right. Let me talk about why the LV Damier Ebene Neverfull GM works so well for me and for my daily life.

  • For starters, it holds up to 200 pounds. Yeah, LV created this bag to be able to carry 200 pounds of weight. This makes me confident of being able to store all the products, makeup, tools, pens, and everyday necessities that I have to have on me at all times. I even spoke to a sales representative from LV’s boutique at Los Angeles Beverly Center a few months back and she assured me that when they were designing this bag, they put it through dozens of stress tests to come up with this number. A bag that can handle all the chaos and stress of my life? Sign me up.
  • It fits everything I need. I’m talking my laptop (it’s a clunker), my iPad, my DSLR camera (also a clunker) and still has space to spare. It’s bulky, but it’s classy, and there’s plenty of space for everything I need.
  • The open top doesn’t spill out my stuffs. There’s something about an open top look that I totally love, but I definitely anticipated that this would mean all of my items were going to spill out constantly. But you know what? This has yet to happen to me!
  • I’m an LV Canvas Believer. I have been an LV junkie since my first authentic purchase years ago, and a huge part of this is the canvas they use to make the bags. The most beloved part of my Louis collection is a 6-year-old backpack that has never lost its beauty. I’ve taken it to three different continents I’ve travelled to, I’ve dropped it a ton (I’m clumsy, okay). I’ve lived a full life with it and there’s never been a change to its aesthetics.
  • It fits in the overhead compartment or under an airplane seat. I’m not kidding. It can handle all of that excess stuff, hold up to 200 pounds, and more, and it still fits in your travel compartments. Is this bag magic? Honestly, I’m convinced it is.

Overall, I love this bag because it can carry the massive amount of stuff I need every day and I can still look awesome. It’s a win-win, you know?

Why I Chose the Neverfull GM Damier Ebene Canvas

best lv replica bag that I have purchased so far
The pouch that comes with the bag from Luxurytastic.

I’ve noticed lately that luxury bags are trending toward minimalist logos. Personally, I love this trend and I’m totally on-board with it.

The only choices for the Neverfull are the Monogram Canvas, Epi Leather, Damier Azur or Ebene. I would have preferred it in the elegant LV Epi leather, but it’ll make the weight of the bag heavier. It’s just a part of life, friends.

I already have the authentic Neverfull GM Monogram Canvas and also a few other Neverfull replicas in MM size.

I thought of getting another Damier Azur canvas, but I realized that it’ll be hard to keep it clean with it’s light colored canvas. So that made me decided to get the Louis Vuitton Neverfull replica in Damier Ebene canvas.

Is it lovely? Heck yes. It was the most understated I could get, and it’s contrasting, red interior is just to-die-for.

My Go-to Seller for Fake Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags

interior stamping of the logo and hardware
The LV stamp and hardware is totally identical with the authentic ones.

I will never not take the opportunity to share my seller with you – especially for replica Louis Vuitton bags of this quality.

I bought my Neverfull GM Damier Ebene Canvas knockoff from LuxuryTastic Replicas and I have never been more pleased to share that with anyone. You can read my detailed review of Luxurytastic Replicas here.

This seller does everything you want and need a replica seller to do. They’ve got kind customer service, great quality control, and awesome products to back their claims. What more can you ask for?

So I’ve come to the end of my review for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Now that you’ve heard from me, I want to hear from you too! If you have any experience with Louis Vuitton bags replica, please leave your comments below as I’ll love to hear about them!


Review overview

Quality of this Louis Vuitton fake bag10
Accuracy when compared to the authentic model9
Satisfaction with this Louis Vuitton replica bag10


9.7Once again, Luxurytastic didn't fail with their replicas. The replica LV Neverfull GM bag I got from them is what I'll consider as a 'super replica'. All in all, I’m very happy with this bag. It’s everything that I expected and wanted it to be. Getting this super rep that is so identical to the authentic for a fraction of the price is really a no-brainer.

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